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Supplement Ingredients

Natural Field is a manufacturer specializing in APIs and intermediates. They are mainly used for anti-inflammatory, anticancer and liver protection. Powerful products include: Apigenin, Luteolin, Puerarin, indole-3-carbinol. Etc.
NATURAL is one of the most professional Supplement ingredients manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory offers the best quality Supplement ingredients with competitive price. Welcome to buy or wholesale bulk products for sale here.
Supplement ingredients is a product designed to complement dietary (rather than tobacco). It may contain one or more of the following dietary components, a kind of vitamins, a mineral, a kind of herb (herbal) or other plants, an amino acid, a kind of to increase the total daily intake to complement dietary food ingredients, or more components of a concentrate, metabolites, composition, extract or combination of products.
Main products:
1. Folic Acid: Folate in the form of folic acid is used to treat anemia caused by folic acid deficiency. Folic acid is also used as a supplement by women during pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects (NTD) in the baby.
2. Gollypol Acetate: Gossypol is the active component extracted from cotton roots and seeds. It accounts for about 1.5% of the seeds in weight, an is mostly used as medicine in the form of Gollypol Acetate (Gossypol Acetic Acid). It is the natural male contraceptive and is also used for treatment of female gynecological disorders.
3. Melatonin: Melatonin, also known as MEL, is naturally produced in the body in response to light perception and has been used to relieve insomnia, combat jet lag, protect cells from free radical damage, strengthen the immune system, prevent cancer and prolong life.
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We're well-known as one of the leading pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturers and suppliers for our quality products and good service. Please feel free to buy or wholesale bulk pharmaceutical ingredients for sale at the best price from our factory.