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Celebrate The Successful Holding of Operation Officer Summary &Commendation Meeting
Dec 07, 2020

On December 5, 2020, our company's main product "Operation Officer Summary &Commendation Conference" was grandly held in the sales center. With the unremitting efforts of the company's operation officers, the ten major products of our company have achieved impressive results.


Under the leadership of the operating officer Alisa Shi, our main products -- aloe series have achieved a 300% growth in performance compared to last year, setting an example of "the starry sky is within reach and the future can be expected" for the business team.Under the leadership of operating officer Alex Yang , our main products -- rhubarb series products achieved a performance growth of 220% year-on-year last year. What's more gratifying is that rhubarb products now have achieved success in the international market, which were only had a great selling domesticly in the past.

 dihydromyricetin          5-ALA

As a new force in sales of our company, Beryl Chen, the product operation officer of puerarin, has not been overwhelmed by difficulties. In the harsh environment of the downturn of the puerarin market, she struggled stubbornly, suddenly emerged, and overfulfilled the task. She used her actions to interpret what she believed the deep meaning of the phrase "Believe in the power of belief " among our current operating officers.Ava Sun, the operating officer of Indole-3-Carbinol , has a heavy task and tight schedule for the indole project, but the immediate impact of the epidemic has not stopped her enthusiasm for operating the product. She is the true "uncrowned king" of the current operating team.

 Xi'an Natural Field Bio-Technique Co.,Ltd.  

Rachel Kong, the operation officer of phycocyanin, has started from scratch in the face of a brand-new product field without complaining or giving up. She has left a strong mark in the company's new product development field.Jessica Wong, the matcha operation officer, is always passionate. From the single product matcha powder, gradually expanded to small packages, flavored matcha, customized matcha and other varieties and fields. She successfully brought the company's matcha product into the European market with very high threshold.Angela Li, the operation officer of resveratrol, faced the sales situation of strong hands, calmly dealt with and make laid out, relying on professional product knowledge and hardworking professionalism, opened the sales situation and won wide praise from new and old customers.


Our excellent operating officers have used fruitful results to show customers the strong market demand and strong market potential of our products, which greatly improved the morale and fighting spirit of the company's product operations. They used their excellent performance to outline the boundless sales of Natural Field, which made us more convinced that "the starry sky is within reach, and the future can be expected."

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