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Appearance: Off-white powder
Molecular Formula: C16H12O4
Molecular Weight :268.27
CAS No.: 485-72-3
Certifications: ISO, HACCP, CQC, KOSHER...
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Formononetin Details

Appearance: Off-white powder,

Molecular Formula: C16H12O4,

Molecular Weight :268.27.

CAS No.: 485-72-3.

EINECS No.: 207-623-9

Solubility: Soluble in methanol, ethyl acetate, ether, dilute alkali solution, insoluble in water

Molecular Structure:


formononetin Oil Introduction

Formonenetin is a phytochemical that is known as a flavonoid. It belongs to the subgroup of flavonoids, known as isoflavones. It is a phytoestrogen from the root of Astragalus membranaceus, is used as a blood enhancer and improvement of blood microcirculation in complementary and alternative medicine.

It has anti-cancer effect and has certain effects on preventing breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, improving osteoporosis and improving women's menopausal symptoms.

Specification of Formononetin



Assay by HPLC

98.0% min, 99% min.




White crystalline powder

Extract Solvent

Ethanol & water

Loss on Drying


Ash content


Residual Solvent


Total Heavy Metals










Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold


Extraction Process

High performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry was used to analyze the formononetin in Fengcheng spatholobus. Using acetonitrile-0.1% formic acid as the mobile phase, the flow rate was 0.8ml/min, and separated by gradient elution with Spherisord ODS (250mm×4mm, 5μm). The mass spectrometry was carried out, and the signal was collected by positive and negative electrospray ion source. . Qualitative confirmation by HPLC/MS, Fengcheng spatholobus contains stalk stalk. The linear range of the method was 6.0~126.0μg/ml, the detection limit (S/N=3) and the lower limit of quantitation (S/N=10) were 0.8 and 2.7μg/ml, respectively. The recoveries were 99.6%~104.3. %. The method is simple, rapid and sensitive, and can be used for the analysis and determination of formononetin in Fengcheng spatholobus.

The orthogonal test was used to study the extraction conditions of formononetin. Results Methanol was used as the extraction solvent. The ratio of material to liquid was 1:40 (g:mL) and refluxed at 85 °C for 3 times for 1.5 h. The content of formononetin in Changchun oleagin was 0.038 12%. Conclusion This study optimized and determined the extraction method of formononetin from Changchun oleagin.

Main Functions

1. Drugs:

*Estrogen effect

It can effectively alleviate female climacteric syndrome and regulate the body's hormonal balance.

*Anti-cancer effect

It can prevent breast, prostate and colon cancer.


2. Cosmetic raw materials

It regulates skin oil and moisture balance in both directions, prevents rough skin and tightens pores, and enhances skin's defense against various harmful stimuli.

3. For agricultural use

It has antibacterial and antifungal (nitrogen-fixing) effects.

Pharmacological Action

Anti-cancer effect, can prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. The role of estrogen can increase the weight of uterus in animals such as mice, but it is not as effective as the isoflavone genistein (Genistein), soy flavin. The estrogenic effect of this product is very weak. Triton WR-1339-induced male albinism rats have high blood lipids and hypolipidemic effects. They are clinically used as diuretics.

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