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Why is Centella Asiatica Good for Skin
Jan 06, 2021

What is Centella Asiatica?

Centella asiatica, also known as Brahmi, Asiatic pennywort, tiger grass, and gotu kola.It is crawls on the ground growth, leaves like a top green umbrella, is very lovely.Main producing areas are in South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia.The main active ingredients including asiaticoside, brahmoside, asiatic acid, and brahmic acid (madecassic acid). Other constituents include centellose, centelloside, and madecassoside.It is widely used in the field of cosmetics and has beauty effects such as anti-oxidation, promoting protein regeneration, inhibiting edema and relieving allergy.



What Can Centella Asiatica Do for Skin?

1.Promote blood circulation: Gotu kola plant extract can improve acne-prone skin,study show that people applied madecassoside to human skin cells can stimulated with the bacteria often implicated in acne, the madecassoside reduced the amount of inflammation associated with that type of acne has obvious effect on eliminating whelk.Helping acne marks fade.

2.Make the skin soft and smooth: Centella asiatica extract can tighten the link between epidermis and dermis, make the skin soft,improve skin elasticity; it can also also help to solve the phenomenon of skin slack, make the skin smooth ;It promotes the formation of collagen in the dermis, regenerates fibrin and links it again, so that the skin can achieve the effect of firm and smooth.

3.Scar dispelling: It can promate the collagen porducuction,and improve skin elasticity.Centella asiatica is suitable for all kinds of skin, 

benefits of centella asiatica for skincentella asiatica extract skin benefits can heal damaged skin, gradually ease acne, and increase the resistance of the skin, with anti-inflammatory, sedative, swelling effect.Now in the cosmetic field ,it has many applications about this function,to dispel scar and has good result.

4.Relieve sensitivity and other fucntion: It can moisturize skin,increase skin moisture retention, activate and renew skin cells.Brahmi gotu kola also has the fucniton of antioxidant, inhibit free radical activity, regulate skin immunity,reduce melanin pigmentation, renew skin cell regeneration.


If you need wholesale Centella Asiatica certified Kosher and Halal or for any inquiry or further information, welcome contact info@natural-field.com. Natural Field Ltd. would always provide you an all-in-one solution.

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