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What is the Tongkat Ali Extract?
May 12, 2020

Tongkat Ali ExtractTongkat Ali Extract is a kind of superior medicinal herbs, mainly distributed in the tropical rain forest near the equator of Southeast Asia, with extremely rich pharmacological effects, is a medicinal plant with anti-cancer, anti-malaria, improve male sexual dysfunction and other functions.The root is the main extracting part of the rhizome.

Appearance appears yellow, light yellow or brown-yellow powder, bitter taste, soluble in water and ethanol.The roots of dongge ali have many functions.

eurycomanone powder

As the main active ingredient of Tongkat Ali, eurycomanone has the functions of malaria control, dampness control and yellowing, aphrodisiac, improving physical strength and vitality, reducing fatigue, sterilization, anti-ulcer and antipyretic, as well as improving various diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.The high purity eurycomanone can be used as a reference for the determination of the content of extract from Tongkat ali, or as a pharmacological and toxicological study.

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