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What is the Pharmacological Effects of Lutein
May 27, 2020

Marigold extract lutein is a carotenoid found in many plants and fruits.It is also one of the main pigments in the macular area of the retina.And it has a positive protective effect on people's eyes.


The pharmacological effects of lutein include: anti-oxidation, enhancing immunity, anti-aging, protecting retina and so on.

 1. Antioxidant: The antioxidant effect of lutein mainly works through

Lutein its own unique structure. There are multiple conjugated double bonds in the molecular structure of lutein, which can eliminate singlet oxygen and react with free radicals;Or destroy oxygen radicals by reduction.


2.Anti-aging: In cells and cell membranes, lutein is a chain breaking antioxidant in lipid peroxidation. Lutein can reduce lipid peroxidation and lipid oxidation by destroying free radical chains, thus reducing cell and organ failure caused by free radicals.At the same time, studies have shown that serum lutein levels are inversely proportional to the degree of skeletal muscle decline, and the elderly may reduce the risk of skeletal muscle decline if they consume a certain amount of lutein rich fruits and vegetables.


3. Enhance the body's immunity: The antioxidant effect of lutein is reflected in the immune system, that is, it improves the body's immunity by reducing the damage of reactive oxygen species to immune cells.

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