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What is Ashwagandha and Its Efficacy?
Mar 02, 2020

South African Drunk Eggplant, Also known as Ashwagandha, There are also called winter cherry blossoms, hypnotic sleeping eggplant. Although it is called "South African Drunk Eggplant", it is actually a native indian and ubiquitous authentic medicinal material.

Ashwagandha are recognized for their significant antioxidant properties and immunity enhancement. In addition, Ashwagandha has been used to induce sleep. However, the use of this drug should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor because of the possible interaction with certain types of drugs.

ashwagandha extract powder

Ashwagandha contains alkaloids, steroids, Ashwagandha lactones and iron, alkaloids have analgesic pain, blood pressure reduction function, intoxicator has anti-inflammatory effect can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, but also can be used for chronic inflammation such as lupus and rheumatic disease, reduce white belt, improve sexual function, and so on, but also contribute to the recovery of chronic diseases.

The application of human ostrich in Indian medicine, as in the application of human herbs in Chinese herbal medicine, can improve the vitality of life, in The treatment of herbs in India is mainly used to nourish the strong, especially in the case of overwork or mental fatigue, to restore energy, on chronic fatigue group has a significant role.

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