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What Is Apple Polyphenols?
Jul 17, 2019

Apple polyphenols are commonly known as polyphenols contained in apples, polyphenols are widely present in fruits and vegetables, the content of polyphenols in apples varies according to maturity, the polyphenol content of unripe fruits is 10 times that of ripe fruits, so it is appropriate to extract apple polyphenols using unripe fruits. 

Crude apple polyphenols contain chloroproacids, catechins, table catechins, apple shrivelled tannins, root skins, root skins, anthocyanins and so on. Apple polyflavonoid accountford for about half of the total content of polyphenols. 

Apple polyphenols

The application of apple polyphenols

Apple polyphenols have many effects. such as antioxidant effect, anti-odor effect, Keep fresh, Preserve fragrant and color protection, prevent vitamin loss and other effects. Apple polyphenols can prevent food quality deterioration. 

Therefore, It can be used in aquatic processing, meat processing, bread, pastries, grease, oily foods and beverages, such as processing and manufacturing. Apple polyphenols can significantly improve the quality and shelf life of its products. Apple polyphenols can be used in the manufacture of health food and cosmetics because of their physiological functions such as preventing tooth decay, preventing hypertension, preventing allergic reactions, and anti-tumor, anti-mutation and hindering UV absorption. 

Apple polyphenols as a health care, functional food additives, its use only 50-500PPm, can have full efficacy.

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