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What is Antioxidant King Grape Seed Extract?
Aug 05, 2019

Grape seed extract is extracted from grape seeds to obtain a class of polyphenolic substances, mainly composed of procyanidine, catechins, table catechins, no nithic acid, table catechins without glutins and other polyphenols.Grape seed extract

Chinese name: 葡萄籽提取物

Foreign name: Grape seed extract

Latin name: Vitis vinifera Linn

Characteristics: red-brown powder, mild gas, taste.

CAS No:84929-27-1

EINECS No:284-511-6

Molecular weight: 468.42

Molecular: C30H12O6


Antioxidant capacity

Grape seed extract is an all-natural substance and one of the most efficient antioxidants ever found in plant sources, and tests have shown that it has an antioxidant effect of 30 to 50 times that of vitamin C and vitamin E.


procyanidine has a strong activity, can inhibit the carcinogens in cigarettes, in the water phase of free radical capture capacity is 2 to 7 times the general antioxidant, such as than alpha-tocopherol activity more than twice.

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