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What Can We Know About Noni Fruit Extract
Jul 19, 2020

Noni powder is the common name of Morinda Citrifolia, widely distributed in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.It belongs to the same family as coffee, rubiaceae.Noni fruit extract is made from the fruit, which has a brownish yellow appearance and dissolves in water.The fruit is rich in human cells and has the functions of repairing cells, strengthening the body, beautifying the face and preventing diabetes and resisting three high. It is praised as "after plants" and "the gift of God".

As the body is affected by internal and external factors, the body may develop a variety of problems, such as noni fruithigh blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity.The root of noni fruit is rich in a variety of nutrients and has multiple functions.First, it can reduce high blood pressure. Second, it can prevent and treat cancer, repair damaged cells, and improve immune system function.Third, Nori extract can also be used as a natural painkiller to help relieve headaches without causing any side effects.In addition, noni can aid digestion and treat gastrointestinal problems such as constipation and acid reflux.Fourth, the antioxidant function of noni fruit is very strong, with 80 times of vitamin C and 4 times of pure grape seed powder.

It can inhibit the oxidation of cells, prevent the noni juiceformation of melanin, promote metabolism, renew skin cells and tissues, and effectively weaken and remove color spots.

 Noni fruit extract is mainly used in: health care products, food and other aspects.In the field of health care products, it is mainly produced in the form of capsule, which is used as an active ingredient in food and beverage.It can also be used in soap to help the skin retain moisture.

If you need wholesale noni powder certified Kosher and Halal or for any inquiry or further information, welcome contact [email protected]. Natural Field Ltd. would always provide you an all-in-one solution.

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