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Vitamin B17——The Natural Process of How Vitamin B17 Kills Cancer
Oct 19, 2017

Dr. Ernst Krebs, dedicated researcher & biochemist isolated Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) in apricot seeds.  After years of testing of study, he was convinced about therapeutic value of vitamin b17 and cancer treatment.  In order to prove its non-toxicity, he injected it to himself. As he had predicted, there weren’t any distressing or harmful side effects of vitamin b17 a cure for cancer. vitamin b17 was not harmful to normal cells but deadly when came in contact with cancer tissues.

Here’s How Vitamin B17 and Cancer Works:

Vitamin B17.jpg

Cyanide in apricot seeds is surrounded by something that cancer loves- Sugar! Cancer cell eats the sugar and in the process releases cyanide, which only attacks cancer cell. vitamin b17 cancer is important that patients must drastically lower down their sugar consumption when undergoing B17 therapy.

Vitamin b17 benefits does not contain any ‘free’ HCN (Hydrogen Cyanide). When vitamin b17 dosage and the enzyme beta-glucosidase come in contact, laetrile breaks down in 1 molecule of HCN, 1 molecule of benzaldehyde & 2 molecules of glucose. Only the cancer cells in the body contain this enzyme.

The logic is simple- HCN must be manufactured and shouldn’t be freely floating around. If there are no cancer cells in the body, HCN will not be formed as there is no beta-glucosidase.

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