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The Mechanism of Horse Chestnut Extract Aescin
Jul 02, 2020

Horse chestnut extract aescin is the sodium saponin extracted from the dried and mature seeds of Aesculaceae sinensis, which is a freeze-dried sterile preparation and a natural plant medicine.


Because of the lackness of this product , people’s body will appear a series of symptoms,such as tissue edema, vascular permeability inceresed and  water accumulation in tissues, sometimes people  have the heavy feeling and pressure caused by local edema. Aescin can treat stomachache, abdominal distension and fullness, rickets, malaria, dysentery.The mechanism  of Aescin is as follow :Horse chestnut extract aescin


(1) To reduce the vascular permeability: the lysosomal activity in serum has obvious inhibitory effect, stable lysosome membrane, prevent the metabolism of the protease, reduce capillary permeability, against leakage, thus reducing venous congestion, reduce tissue swelling, narrowing of swelling weeks diameter, reduce the volume of embolism, achieve the prevention and treatment of venous edema and tissue edema.


(2) Increase venous return and alleviate venous congestion symptoms: Sodium aescinate aescin supplementcan act on the receptor of vascular endothelial cells, cause venous contraction, increase venous return flow, and improve congestion symptoms such as limb swelling, pain, itching, fatigue and heaviness.It also significantly reduces blood viscosity.


(3) Enhance the vascular elasticity and increase the vascular tension: by inhibiting the role of protease in the blood, the glycoprotein collagen fiber of the vein wall is not damaged, so as to restore the strength and elasticity of the vein.

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