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The Main Functions of Soy Isoflavone
Jun 15, 2020

Soy isoflavone are polyphenolic compounds with benzopyran chemical structure, mainly found in legumes.

The main functions are as follows:

1. Soy isoflavone are selective estrogen receptor modulators with bi-directional regulation effects.When the endogenous estrogen level is low, it is manifested as estrogen-like effect. After ingestion, it can effectively promote the secretion of estrogen in the body.


Higher levels of estrogen in the body are associated with anti-estrogen effects.

Soy isoflavoneSoy isoflavone can improve perimenopausal syndrome, menopausal women have a good regulatory role, can mediate upset, insomnia, night sweats, hot flashes, irritability and other symptoms.


2. And soy isoflavone also have breast enhancement effect.

Can supplement and regulate the content of vitamin E in the body, so as to fight free radicals, whitening skin.Can increase the elasticity of the skin.It can also reduce a woman's risk of premature ovarian failure.


3. Reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Soy isoflavone can reduce the risk of breast cancer by increasing the metabolism Soy isoflavoneof estrogen to the anti-cancer product 2-hydroxyestrone.Soybean isoflavones may also inhibit the occurrence and development of cancer by anti-oxidation, promoting cell apoptosis and inhibiting cell proliferation.


4. Antioxidants.

Clinical studies have shown that soy isoflavone can reduce DNA damage levels in healthy women after six months of intervention, as well as the susceptibility of LDL and DNA to oxidative stress in the population.

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