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The function of glutathione
Sep 08, 2021

(glutathione,r-glutamyl cysteingl +glycine,GSH), also known as γ-L-glutamyl-L-cysteine-glycine, it is a tripeptide containing γ-amide bond and thiol group. It is composed of glutamic acid (Glu), cysteine (Cys) and Glycine (Gly) is a non-protein thiol tripeptide compound condensed through peptide bonds. It is rich in amino acids, peptides, vitamins, and trace elements. It is an active short peptide with a wide range of uses. It exists widely in animals and plants and plays an important role in living organisms.

glutathione  (2)

Glutathione exists forms

Glutathione exists in human form: reduced (G-SH) and oxidized (G-S-S-G)

Under physiological conditions, the majority is the reduced glutathione .

Oxidation and reduction of glutathione

Glutathione reductase can catalyze the interconversion between the two types, and the coenzyme of this enzyme can also provide NADPH required for pentose phosphate bypass metabolism.


Active group - -SH(Thiol) group, easy to be oxidized, dehydrogenated

The main function:

Detoxification :

It is easy to complex with heavy metal salts such as iodoacetic acid, mustard

gas (a toxic gas), lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. , with integrated detoxification.

Whitening and anti-aging:  hit the " radical " and "enzyme"


Because GSH itself is susceptible to oxidation by certain substances, it can protect many proteins and the sulfhydryl groups in other molecules are not oxidized by harmful substances, thus ensuring the molecular physiology of proteins and enzymes can function normally; there is a lot of glutathione in human red blood cells, which protects red blood cells the sulfhydryl group of the upper protein is in a reduced state, and it is important to prevent hemolysis.

The most important step of melanin is that L-tyrosine produces dopa under the action of tyrosinase, glutathione acts on both tyrosinase and dopa, and also acts on free radicals.

The main mechanism of action of glutathione antioxidant, whitening

1. Cysteine in glutathione can reduce the activity of tyrosinase.

2. Glutathione cysteine is an amino acid containing a thiol group, which has a strong nucleophilic effect, can quickly react with dopaquinone, and quickly form a colorless dopa derivative, thus blocking the dopa to melanin change.

3. Free radicals can activate tyrosinase, while glutathione can eliminate free radicals and inhibit the activation of tyrosinase.

Application direction:

Detoxification  and liver protection


Health care products

Food additives

Cosmetics Antioxidant, whitening

Agriculture: Agricultural bio-fertilizer and plant stress resistance

Animal feed: Promote proliferation, improve immunity, improve feed utilization

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