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The function of ashwagandha extract powder
Jul 01, 2021

1.The extraction solvent are Ethanol and water

2.Reference Dosage as below: Best dose : 6000mg per day;2000mg each time, 3 times per day;300-500mg is effective for most cases;50-100mg are considered effective in a few cases.

Features of ashwagandha is easy to absorb moisture, so the storage condition should be cool, dry, away from light.

3.Functions of Ashwagandha are :Reduce stress and anxiety;Reduce swelling (inflammation);Improve wound healing abilities;Immune boosting and anti-inflammatory;Stabilises blood sugar;Improve energy; increase stamina and endurance;Anti-tumor

The application is very widely, usually be used in health supplement,cosmetics,food Additives.


4.Our advantages:

- 6000kgs in stock,

- Natural extraction,

- Imported raw material from India;

- Good Price;

- Benefits same as Ginseng;

- Top 5 sales performance in global market;

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