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The Edible Value of Centella Asiatica
Apr 01, 2020

Centella asiatica is a wild herb often eaten by li people. It is also known as "horseshoe grass" and "lianqian grass" because its leaves resemble a horseshoe or half a copper coin.It is born in dank wasteland, village side, roadside, ditch side. Centella asiatica extract benefits is not only a herbal medicine, in Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years, mainly for the treatment of joint disease. asiaticoside centella asiatica extract not only has the function of strengthening blood vessel, increasing blood circulation, eliminating paralysis, but also Madecassosides has the function of clearing heat, detoxification and diuresis. Asiaticosides  is also a very tasty wild vegetable.

centella asiatica extract


Centella is tender and tasty, and can be eaten raw. People in southern China often drink it as herbal tea.Centella is eaten as a vegetable in southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South America.


The common practice is: with the river fish shrimp or meat bones boiled, this summer qingrejiasu soup as follows: prepare pig bones, carrots, water chestnut, dates and other materials, wash and cut good spare (pig bones to be boiled with hot water to remove some blood);Put the horse hoofs, carrots, dates and pork bones into the soup pot, add the right amount of water for one hour, and finally add thunder root to make soup for one hour.

 gotu kola extract

At the same time, gotu kola extract powder can also be used to make herbal tea, which benefits from the cool tea culture in south China. Because centella has another name is thunder root, so the herbal tea made of it is named thunder root tea.Drinking thunder root tea can dispel wind and dehumidify, relax muscles and promote blood circulation, beauty and beauty.The tea made of centella asiatica has the function of clearing heat and relieving heat stroke, and drinking it in summer can prevent heat stroke.And centella with ginkgo made of tea, is regarded as weight loss tea.


As mentioned in the book of matsura, "peppermint is similar to mint, but its taste is less sweet. It is used for tea in jiangsu and zhejiang provinces, and is commonly called silla mint."Peppermint is one of the epithets of centella asiatica. It can be seen that in ancient China, centella asiatica has been used to make tea drinking customs.

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