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The Application Of Matrine
Aug 25, 2017

1. Pharmaceutical Field of Matrine:

matrine insecticide.jpg

Matrine is used for anti-cancer, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, liver protection, diuretic etc.


2. Cosmetics Field of Matrine:

Matrine is used as Whitening ingredients in cosmetics.

3. For Agricultural Use of Matrine:

Matrine is a botanical pesticide, used in agriculture matrine insecticide actually refers to all substances extracted from Sophora flavescens, called Sophora flavescens or Sophora flavescens.

With low toxicity, low residue, and is an environmentally friendly pesticides.

Mainly control all kinds of Dendrolimus, tea caterpillar, Pieris rapae and other pests.

With insecticidal activity, bactericidal activity, regulating plant growth function and other functions.


Matrine as a biological pesticide characteristics:

1). Matrine is a plant-derived pesticides, with specific, natural characteristics, only a specific role in the biological, in nature can quickly break down, the final product for carbon dioxide and water.

2). Matrine is a kind of endogenous chemical substance which is active to the harmful organism. The composition is not single, but it is a combination of multiple chemical groups with similar chemical structure and different groups with different chemical structure.

3). Matrine is with a variety of chemical substances together, it is not easy to lead the pests to produce resistance, so it could be used for long-term.

4). The corresponding pests will not be directly completely poisoned, but the control of the number of pests and biological populations will not seriously affect the plant population production and reproduction. This mechanism is consistent with the principle of pest control in a comprehensive control system that has been studied over several decades after the chemical side effects of chemical pesticides are highlighted.

To sum up the four points that matrine and the general high toxicity, high residual chemical pesticides have a significant difference, is very green, environmentally friendly.


4. Reference Dosage:

The amount of oxymatrine or matrine in the formulation of the invention may be widely varied, and will typically be from about 0.1% to about 20% by volume. The preferred concentration will be from about 0.5% to about 2.0%.


5. Commonly used formulations:

0.3% matrine water formulation, 1% matrine solution, 0.2% matrine water, 1.1% matrine powder, 1% matrine soluble liquid agent

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