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Stevioside——New Sweetener, No High Heat
Apr 18, 2017

High heat sweetener is a vital problem that always hinder the development of Food Industry, Medical health Industry in the long term. High sweetness and low heat product is the answer to resolve this problem.

Stevioside is a kind of health products instead of the natural cane sugar, which is praised as “The Third Sugar Source” in the international. Also, The stevioside is a type of low heat Terpene glycoside and have many supportive therapeutic functions on Diabetes, Obesity, Heart disease, High blood pressure. Stevioside as a new style natural sweetener, which is extracted from a kind of compositae plant and own 300 times sweetness than cane sugar, but it’s heat value is one of 300 points to cane sugar. According to the authorization of the Health Ministry and Light Industry Ministry, The stevioside is used as natural low heat sweetening agent because it is the close taste to cane sugar. At present, the stevioside is the best choice to food additive, supportive therapeutic diabetes, and others diseases.


Through 2 years research and development, Our project team have achieved the production industrialization of the stevioside after selected the raw material and tested the production features many times. At present, we have produced the stevioside white powder and  reached the target of bulk products of different specifications from 10%-95%. The stevioside is the third valuable, healthy, natural substitute goods of cane sugar after cane sugar and red beet root.

The stevioside owned many shiny features. Such as high sweetness, low heat, pure natural and good stability, no side effects, rapid onset of effect and long duration of action.

Suggestion dosage: 0.2g/Kg.

Our company is professional manufacturer of herbal extract since 2005, and attend the vitafoods, CPHI, API exhibition from 2008. Our main products is amygdalin, puerarin, 5-ala and so on. If you need this product, please don't hesitate to contact us or email to [email protected].

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