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Puerarin——Bring A Clear World to You
Apr 10, 2017

With the development of the technology, Our life is inundated by many kinds of the electronic products, especially the computer and smart phone. But the serious thing is that we are having the eyes disease due to the eyes overuses. And this problem is affecting different people. At present, the science research showed that the eyes’ disease will be cured by puerarin in the future.

The eyes drops of puerarin as “life water” will remit the intra-ocular pressure. The puerarin is a kind of single ingredient of flavonoid glycoside that extracted from pueraria of leguminous plants. It has good efficacy on promoting blood circulation and microcirculation. Also, the puerarin have great functions on Retina angiopathy, eyes disease, glaucoma. The puerarin is good for some people who use the computer and smart phone in a long term. We believed that the glaucoma will be cured completely in the near future.


Our project team have designed the production purification process of the puerarin through 2 years’ research and development. At the same time, We have owned the qualification of bulk production after confirmed the product features and tested its’ physicochemical property pharmacological Property absolutely. Currently, we can supply a series of puerarin for our international customers from 50%-98% content. This product have many good features on heat stability, absorption, solubility.

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