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Physiological Effects of CGF——1
Dec 16, 2019

1. Promoting the growth capacity of living organisms

CGF promotes biological growth, mainly by stimulating fine cell division speed, thus accelerating the proliferation rate of cells and play a role in The effect of into growth.

Scientists discover CGF promotes the growth of anthracyc, and CGF Promotes hair nipple cell proliferation. By studying the effects of CGF on beer and lactic acid fermentation, the scientists noted that CGF can increase the cell division rate and promote their growth in beer yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

cgf growth factor

2. Detoxification

Chlorella Growth Factor has good detoxification and can improve intestinal energy to protect the liver, absorb toxic substances in the body and promote toxic substances excretion of quality.

The mice were fed with 10% chlorella feed, and 5 days later it was found that the mice in the test group excreted significantly more PCA than the control group.

Some scholars by adding chlorella powder to the rat feed to compare the total lipid content of the rat liver, cholesterol and triglycerides content, found that the test group of rats these 3 indicators significantly lower than the control group, indicating that CGF has the role of protecting the liver and detoxifying.

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