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Physiological effect of Chlorella Growth Factor——2
Dec 18, 2019

3. The Effect of lowering blood sugar and Lowering blood pressure

Chlorella growth factor lowers blood sugar, blood pressure and lipids. Scientists find It was found that chlorella had the effect of lowering blood sugar in mice, and after 90 days, the patient's diastote pressure and blood lipid levels were examined to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels by giving the patient slivers of chlorella and microglobule juice through clinical trials.

4. The role of Tumor Suppression

CGF has the effect of suppressing tumors and activates immune cells macrophages, B cells, and T cells that inhibit carcinogens mutagenic and genetic toxicity, increasing its coordinating role, thus playing Inhibits the action of cancer cells.

chlorella growth factor benefits

After injecting CGF into the body of the cancer-causing mice, it was found that the cancer cells were significantly inhibited, and the survival time of the mice was significantly higher than that of the control group. The tumor suppressive effect of protein nucleoid algae extract was studied, and It was found that CGF had a significant inhibitory effect on transplanted S180 sarcoma mice and liver cancer HCA perisaroma. 

In addition, cgf chlorella growth factor also has anti-radiation, prevention and control of various inflammations, To relieve the effects of psychological stress, fibromyalgia and so on.

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