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Physcion——A natural Agricultural Fungicide
Dec 10, 2020

PhyscionTraditional Physcion has been used in the medical field. in recent years after gradual experiments, Rhubarb root extract physcione in the agricultural field is becoming more and more widely used. Emodin methyl ether CAS 521-61-9 is a highly active plant source fungicide, natural plant yellow as raw material, after careful extraction of its active ingredients, processing and development, white powder disease, frost mold disease, gray mold disease, anthrax, etc. have a very good prevention and control effect.

Rheum palmatum Extract is characterized by low toxicity to humans and animals, is environmentally friendly and is particularly suitable for green and organic vegetable production.

The principle of action is to act as a protective fungicide, induce the crop to produce a defensive response, inhibit the germination of pathogen spores, the growth of mycelium, the formation of suction devices, so that crops are protected from pathogens, to achieve disease-proof effect.

In this investigation of the efficacy of the natural product physcion for the control of gray mold of tomato in the field and possible modes of action, physcion was significantly less effective in in vitro antifungal tests than synthetic fungicides pyrimethanil and boscalid. However, in greenhouse tests, physcion dramatically reduced the severity of gray mold on tomato plants. We further found elevated activity of several enzymes associated with the synthesis of phenolic compounds and plant defense reactions, including phenylalanine ammonia-lyase, peroxidase, and polyphenol oxidase. Physcion also significantly increased plant growth, indicating that it can also act as a growth promoter in tomato. The results from two consecutive years of field trials revealed that the application of physcion at a rate of 9 g a.i./ha reduced disease incidence between 63.44 and 69.79%, comparable to the fungicide pyrimethanil. Together, these results indicate that although physcion had little direct effect on the growth of B. cinerea, it increased tomato performance by stimulating an endogenous plant defense response and acting as a growth promoter. The study therefore provides strong evidence that physcion provides an alternative treatment for the management of gray mold in organic and low input tomato production and in traditional integrated pest management programs.


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