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Pharma and Cosmetics Application of Chlorella Growth Factor——1
Dec 26, 2019

1. Pharmaceuticals and health care products

At present, CGF-rich chlorella flakes and Chlorella capsules used to treat stomach ulcers, anemia, malnutrition, Constipatitis, atherosclerosis and auxiliary drugs during postoperative recovery, with the effect of lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids.

In order to improve the efficiency of The use of CGF, CGF Chlorella extract can be used by 60 degrees C thermal immersion, 30 MPa high-pressure homogeneity, small ball algae cells to break the wall, and then add cellcell enzymes and pecerase to improve cell protein extraction rate, with alkaline protease syntase and neutral protease s1 to 1 ratio of pH 8.0, 65 degrees C action 4 h, you can have effectively degrade proteins and obtain stable and dispensable enzyme solutions.


2. Beauty industry such as cosmetics

Because CGF has extremely antioxidant properties, it is applied to The cosmetics sector also has a strong market value, can be increased Make-up preservation time, enhance the use of cosmetics.

At the same time, CGF contains balanced, comprehensive nutritional content, in the weight loss industry has been widely used, and achieved remarkable results.

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