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Octacosanol Dosage in Food Application
Jul 24, 2019

Octacosanol is a additives in health food and health drink. Its products are nutritional supplements and health foods, And Octacosanol application usually used in energy foods. such as beverages, candy, capsules, capsules, tablets, Chocolate, biscuits and pastries.

1 Drink

Ingredients for octacosanol beverages developed in Japan (mg/100mL) As follows: octacosanol 0.07, sodium aspartate 3, lysine salt 3, serine 2, threonine 1, isoleucine 2, leucine 1, chlorine Sodium 20, potassium chloride 20, calcium lactate 10, magnesium chloride 4, fructose Glucose solution 8500, citric acid 280, vitamin C 30, Pigment flavor A little, add water to 100mL. This drink can enhance the body's physical strength and resistance, Strength and energy, also can improve human stress and responsiveness Sex is a good sports drink. Currently, there is still a drink Adding octacosanol and a small amount of trace elements to the material Drink.

2 Candy

Ingredient (g): octacosanol lactate (containing octacosanol) 0.15%) 1, sugar 787, lemon juice powder 20, citric acid 25, days Colorant 3.5, gelatin solution 40, lubricant 20, lemon flavor 5 This candy is a sports candy. In addition, octacosanol and A candy made from athletes made from vitamin E.

3 Chocolate

Ingredients: 10% octacosanol 1g, corn salad oil 20g, 7 lecithin 3g, cocoa butter 230g, cocoa 150g, sugar 443g, food 1 g of salt and 1.5 g of perfume. This chocolate is specially made for Japan and Europe. Products developed by the company. The production process is basically in accordance with the chocolate Craft production.


4 Capsules

There are two formulations in the capsule application. One with Material: 30% octacosanol added at 170mg/kg, Macadam 50 kg of seed oil, 20 kg of concentrated fish oil, 20 kg of evening primrose oil, egg phosphorus 8kg of fat, 2kg of vitamin E; another ingredient (capsule 380mg/granule): 12% octacosanol 40mg, calcium pantothenate 20mg, vitamin E 25mg, Vitamin A 300 μg, vitamin D 2.5 mg, lecithin 25 μg, Medium chain triglyceride 240mg, a small amount of pigment. Such capsules pass through the human body After eating, it can enhance the body's endurance, energy and strength, and reduce the pain of human muscles.

5 Oral liquid

Ingredients: octacosanol 80mg, vitamin E40mg, spit Warm - 80 amount, distilled water added to 1000mL. (2) Preparation process: will Honey is smelted at 105~115 °C for use. Octacosanol

Mix well with Vitamin E and Tween-80 on a 70 ° C water bath. 

Add distilled water to the right amount. Stir into a clear liquid and let cool. Add honey,

Add distilled water to the full amount and mix. After dissolving, it is filtered under reduced pressure.

Clear solution is available.

6 Biscuits

The ingredients of the octacosanol biscuits are as follows: 10% octacosane Alcohol 1g, wheat flour 1000g, white sugar 310g, chocolate 370g, phosphorus The fat was 1.1 g, 1 g of ammonium hydrogencarbonate, 150 g of water, 8 g of salt, and 1 g of perfume. In addition, octacosanol is not only used in functional foods, but also Widely used in cosmetics and feed products.

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