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New Bait Application of Chlorella Growth Factor——2
Dec 31, 2019

With the improvement of economic level, Green non-polluting food is becoming more and more popular, and chlorella is developing into a new type of animal bait.

The fish was raised with chlorella powder instead of fish in the feed, and it was found that the growth performance and raw goods of the fish added to the small ball algae powder significantly exceeded the control group.

In the feed to add different amounts of chlorella powder instead of fishmeal feeding experiments, by comparing weight gain rate, feed utilization rate, liver protein content and other indicators, it is concluded that the most suitable replacement ratio of chlorella meal and fishmeal between 47% and 50%.

cgf for feed

Chlorella can be added not only to aquatic animal bait, but also in animal bait. The 40-day-old piglets were fed with chlorella to compare the production performance of the piglets, and found that the two groups of piglets were tested for high consumption and 14.9% of the feeding volume and 18.9% of meat ratio solders 11.9% and 15.2% higher than the control group.

Adding CGF to the feed can improve the immune function of animals, Survival rate, feeding and various growth indicators to improve animal life Long speed, reduce severity of disease, and replace animal feed antibiotics, antibiotics and other drugs to reduce the amount of drugs in animals residues to improve economic efficiency.

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