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Natural Field Lycopene Experimental Health Benefits
May 30, 2018

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* Cancer

While there have been many studies suggesting fruit and vegetable intake may be associated with cancer prevention, this research is ongoing and difficult to prove. Lycopene specifically may be associated with decreased risk for certain types of cancers, including bladder and skin cancers, but more research into the specific benefits is needed.

* Cardiovascular and Coronary Artery Disease

Various studies have suggested higher levels of circulating lycopene in the blood stream may be linked with lower risk of various cardiovascular diseases, but more information is needed.

* Enlarged Prostate

A number of studies have indicated lycopene supplementation may be linked to slower progression of prostate cancer, with mixed results.

* Asthma

Tomato-rich diets may benefit people with asthma, and there have been studies showing lycopene helping prevent asthma caused by exercise.

* Other Conditions

The use of lycopene has been research in a number of different areas, including for different kinds of tumors, many different diseases, diabetes, eye disorders and macular degeneration, inflammation, and high cholesterol; while some results are promising, further information is needed.

* One Proven Health Benefit: Sun Protection

In plants, carotenoids like lycopene are found in the photosynthetic complexes that generate energy from sunlight (ultraviolet radiation), and as such these carotenoids help protect plants from being damaged from excessive exposure to sunlight. In humans, they function in a similar way, accumulating in the skin and helping quench free-radical damage caused by sun exposure.

Many different clinical trials have shown incredible photoprotective benefits of lycopene alone, and also in combination with Vitamins A and C, and zinc and selenium. Lycopene-rich tomato paste has also been consumed to protect skin from the sun. Whatever the source, it is clear that lycopene can protect skin from ultraviolet rays. Of course, this includes the lycopene in products such as Sunsafe Rx, a nutritional supplement formulated specifically to protect your skin from the sun.

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