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More Than Ten Usages of Tea Tree Oil
Jul 03, 2017

Tea Tree Oil, a natural herbal essential oil, which is widely used in chemical daily products and different fragrance product. Due to the broad-spectrum antimicrobials of tea tree oil, Tea tree oil has so many usages as follow:

1. Dandruff - It is recommended to use shampoo containing tea tree essential oilingredients, or do not dry hair after washing, hair drops on the scalp drip 10 drops of tea tree oil. The best, but do not scrub, press.

2. Fat seepage dermatitis (or inguinal ringworm) - most common in the scalp, neck, back. then, it is recommended to take a bath with milk containing tea tree oil, and then in the affected place smear tea tree oil, a little massage. because tea tree oil antibacterial soothing effect and natural infiltration. It can be used for red, swelling, itching to ease. As the general cream often add steroids, the body is not good, so smear tea tree oil better.

3. Acne - tea tree oil anti-inflammatory effect, it can quickly penetrate the hair follicle conditioning. In acne parts, just use 1-2 drops of tea tree oil, a small amount of repeated use.
4. Dermatophytosis - a pot of hot water plus 1 drop of tea tree oil, foot bath for 10 minutes, feet dry, and then painted with tea tree oil in the affected areas.

5. A fungal disease - some mold long-term in the nails, rub the ointment is not cured. Because the general ointment is not enough penetration. So wash your hands with tea tree oil and then drip 1-2 drops of tea tree oil in the affected area.


6. Trauma - tea tree oil with natural hemostatic function and good permeability. But also anti-inflammatory soothing. In the affected areas rub 1-2 drops of tea tree oil, the wound can quickly heal, and prevent bacterial infection.
7. Mosquito bites - in the affected area rub 1-2 drops of tea tree oil. Please remember not to rub.
8. Burns - small scald, ice or cold water can be brewed. Then rub 1-2 drops of tea tree oil to help anti-inflammatory in the affected area. 

9. Disease medical - (smooth breathing system, enhance immunity, active circulation. So that the body toxins excluded)

10. Air clean - it can drop a few drops of tea oil for incense use. so that the aroma with 5-10 minutes to purify the air of bacteria, viruses and mosquitoes in the room filled.

11. Eliminate odor, sterilization - 2 drops of tea tree essential oil by adding 100 ml of water, shake to make it fully mixed.And then sprayed in the smell of the place.

12. Family cleaning - in a bucket of water by adding tea tree oil 6 drops. It can be used to wash cloth, dishes, wipe the floor, wipe the table ... and so on, help sterilization, and eliminate dirt.

13. Clothes washing - washing clothes or sheets, add 3-4 drops of tea tree oil. It can eliminate dirt, remove the smell and musty, and leave a touch of fresh fragrance.

Where Can You Buy Tea Tree Oil?

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