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Minoxidil Pharmacological Action and Mechanism——1
Nov 04, 2019

1. Stimulate savetic epithelial cells proliferation and differentiation:

Minoxidil Powder

Normal human hair follicle epithelial cells are cultured in different concentrations of minoxidil liquid, and at micromolars the minoxidil powder stimulates the proliferation of hair follicle epithelial cells. Minoxidil sulfate are active metabolites that stimulate hair growth, while sulphate transfer assasis are more active in hair follicles than in epidermis and dermis. In vitro histology cultured by rat tentacle hair follicles and experiments with 35S-labeled cysteine synthetic hair keratin proved that minoxidil and minoxidil sulfate both had a hair-producing effect.

In vitro experiments showed that minoxidil sulfate were 14 times more effective than minoxidil, and if sulfonate inhibitors or sulphate scavengers were added, the hair birth effect of Minoxidil was inhibited, but it had no effect on the action of sulfate metabolites. Animal experiments have shown that Minoxidil can increase the amount of fibroblast synthesis around dermis nipples, hairy mastodon, epiphany, and hair, thus prolonging the long-term occurrence of hair and promoting the transformation of hair to final hair.

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