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Matrine——A Shinning Pesticides Star In The Agricultural Field
Jul 27, 2017

Recent years, The environment protection is becoming more and more important in people’s mentality with the growth of people life level. Nowadays, The traditional insecticides threaten the ecological environment. Therefore, the safe and eco-friendly herbal pesticides is more and more popular in the world.

The matrine is a kind of herbal insecticides. Its characteristics are low toxic, low residue and eco-friendly and widely used in agricultural field.

Matrine Application and Research in Agricultural Field

Firstly, the Matrine is a kind of insecticide sourced from plant and owns the feature of nature and specificality. The matrine will be effected to the specific biology. The matrine can be resolved into the water and carbon dioxide in the natural environment.


Secondly, the Matrine is the the internal chemical substances that have the activity only to the pest. Its ingredient is not the single, it is the mixture of multiple-unit similar chemical consequence and multiple-unit dissimilar chemical structure.the ingredients of matrine are influenced by each other.Thirdly, matrine is not caused to the drugs resistance because of the interaction between the multiple-unit chemical substances. Therefore, The matrine can be used in a long term.

Forthly, matrine will control the pest population quantity based on the plant healthy growth and multiply, not kill the relevant pests directly. This mechanism is reasonable and eco-friendly. The mechanism is similar with the chemical pesticides’ safeguard principle researched several tens of years.

To sum up the above 4 items, It declares that matrine is eco-friendly and green biological pesticides and different with the high toxic and high residue chemical pesticides.

Hot Selling Dosage: 0.3% matrine water aqua, 1% matrine alcoholic solution, 0.2% matrine water aqua, 1.1% matrine powder, 1% matrine soluble liquid.

Product Feature:Natural herbal pesticides, low toxic to human and livestock, broad spectrum pesticide, the feature of stomach poisoning and tag out.

Control object: armyworm, cabbage caterpillar, aphids, starscream.

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