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Knowledge, function and application of resveratrol
Oct 29, 2021



Resveratrol has several remarkable properties that help to support good health.

Most commonly, Resveratrol is known as the longevity supplement and generally as an effective antioxidant.


Resveratrol is a Sirtuin Activator and an NAD+ Booster.

(Compounds that can directly activate our longevity genes known as SIRTUINS)


Resveratrol has the ability to allosterically modify the NMNAT enzyme.

Combining Resveratrol with an NAD+ precursoris a perfect anti-aging combo!


Resveratrol was first discovered in 1940, and this substance was first found in grapes in the 1970s. Later, it was found in plants such as knotweed, peanuts, mulberries,etc.

Our origin is Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb.et Zucc.


We have 3rd party reports for it : C14 report,, Heavy metals report

For C14 report, it can prove that it is 100% natural, we can also call it trans-resveratrol.

For heavy metals report,the results be controlled within the standard of EP and USP.


Resveratrol is an antioxidant that fights free radicals and has many functions:

Improve cardiovascular circulation

Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic

Anti-oxidant, anti-aging

Antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral

Anti-tumor, anti-cancer

Immune regulation effects


Based on the vious functions, the application for it is very widely as well.

Health supplement


Amimal feed


Food preservation


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