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Is dihydromyricetin safe?
Dec 21, 2021

The chemical formula of dihydromyricetin is C15 H12 O8, the molecular weight is 320.25; white or off-white powder, according to solubility: hot water, hot ethanol> methanol, ethanol> ethyl acetate> chloroform, petroleum ether. Dihydromyricetin is easy to be oxidized due to the hydroxyl structure of o-triphenyl and has poor stability. pH, temperature, metal ions, etc. all have certain effects on its stability.

Studies have shown that dihydromyricetin is stable under weakly acidic conditions with a pH value of ≤4, but the increase in pH value will accelerate its oxidation rate and will be oxidized and turn yellow under alkaline conditions with a pH value of ≥9. When heated at a temperature not exceeding 100 ℃ and a time not exceeding 30 minutes, the chemical structure of dihydromyricetin remains stable, but the stability becomes worse as the temperature increases, and even irreversible oxidation reactions may occur. Metal ions Na +, Mg 2 +, Ca2 +, Ba2 + do not affect the stability of dihydromyricetin, while transition metal ions Al3 +, Fe3 +, Cu2 +, etc. can induce the oxidation of dihydromyricetin Catalysis.

The chemical structure of a drug is closely related to its pharmacological activity. The modification of the chemical structure of the drug to enhance pharmacological activity and obtain a suitable dosage form has received great attention from scholars. After dihydromyricetin chelates with metal ion copper at pH 7~8, the formed DMY-Cu(Ⅱ) chelate has enhanced antioxidant activity; dihydromyricetin and acetic anhydride synthesize dihydrogen under phosphoric acid conditions Myricetin acetate, this compound has a higher antioxidant effect in the lard system than dihydromyricetin and commercial antioxidant QHT.

Is dihydromyricetin safe?

With the occurrence of adverse events of traditional Chinese medicine, the safety of traditional Chinese medicine has attracted people's great attention. Adverse reactions of Chinese medicine mainly refer to any adverse conditions caused by the use of Chinese medicine, including allergic reactions, toxic side effects, secondary infections, side effects, specific reactions, teratogenic effects, carcinogenesis, etc. Most toxicological studies have shown that flavonoids are generally non-toxic, and the two characteristics of multiple biological activities and their non-toxicity make flavonoids useful as new raw materials for food and medicine, with a broad prospect.

After administering the highest dose of the water extract of Tengcha to rats 22 g·kg -1, it was found that there was no significant change in the long-term toxicity indexes of the rats. Safe health food. The acute toxicology test of dihydromyricetin in Wistar rats by oral gavage of dihydromyricetin 5.0g/kg showed that dihydromyricetin was toxic.The effect is not obvious.

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Is dihydromyricetin safe

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