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How to get Coenzyme Q10 CQ10
Aug 03, 2021


1. From Foods

Food supplement: animal offal, nuts, fish, meat, eggs, oil.

Daily intake <10MG

Healthy human daily needs: 50MG

Disease Human daily needs: 100MG

People with heart disease daily needs of : 4 times than healthy people, 200MG.

So healthy person still 40MG per day, how to get it?

1 kg of fish,

1 kg of meat,

250g oil .

2. Injection:

Hospital rescue, critically ill patients, inject coenzyme Q10

3. Daily oral take:

Coenzyme Q10 capsules or tablets.

Recommended Dosage: <50MG/day

4. Cosmetics

Please contact us about health care ingredient, cosmetic ingredients and plant extract.

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