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How to Choose a Good Nmn Powder for You?
Feb 14, 2021

As is known to all,the efficacy of NMN powder has been proved by a large number of clinical data to be the only choice of anti-aging.At present, nearly 100 NMN brands have appeared in the United States, Japan, China and other countries, so how to choose pure NMN?


Firstly,look at product safety

Whether it is anti-aging or prolonging life, what you eat in your mouth must be safe. Nowadays, many NMN brands claim to have many certifications, because they cannot guarantee safety, so the safety of NMN still needs more testing proof.NMN with HACCP/CGMP certification and FDA formal registration should be selected as far as possible to ensure the safety of product intake.


Secondly, look at product quality

Generally, the high purity of NMN products on the market is 98-99%. The NMN provided by our company has a professional product production technical team, and adopts the highly efficient biological enzyme catalysis technology certified by science to extract 99.98% purity NMN from plants, without adding any auxiliary agents, which is 100% pure natural.It is 3-5 times more effective than similar products.


In addition, NMN and NR are precursor substances of NAD+, which can be metabolized into NAD+ in the body. Another product of our company, resveratrol, mainly plays a catalytic role and can promote metabolism, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation in the body.Good quality NMN, after eating for a period of time, can significantly improve the mental state and memory;In addition, blood pressure and lipid data were also improved.

If you need wholesale nmn powder certified Kosher and Halal or for any inquiry or further information, welcome contact info@natural-field.comwould always provide you an all-in-one solution.

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