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How 5-aminolevulinic Acid Hydrochloride Kill the Cancer Cells?
Jul 02, 2019

Regular et al found that PP IX is three to four times higher than normal cells in gastric cancer cells. Experiments have shown that the conversion of 5-aminolevulinic Acid Hydrochloride to endogenous PPIX in vivo has higher selectivity, and the conversion rate of tumor cells and some cells is faster, so the content of PPIX in cells is higher than other cells. This is the basis for ALA-light, Dynamic Therapy (ALA-PDT) treatment. When Svanber used the product to treat tumors, there was no significant change in tumor blood vessels before and after body surface treatment. This indirectly indicates that the method utilizes cytotoxicity to kill cells rather than destroying or blocking tumor blood vessels using cell necrosis. In another experiment, cells treated with the product were observed with an electron microscope. The results showed that after 1 h, the mitochondria were obviously swollen, the sputum disappeared, and other cell organs did not change significantly. However, after 24 hours, the entire cell was necrotic, indicating that the killer cells of the product may be the first, and mitochondrial damage leads to cell death.

When the product is treated, normal tissue surrounding it is not selectively destroyed, such as oxidized proteins, liposomes and other subcutaneous cell structures. Therefore, oxygen free radicals produced under pathological conditions in which the product is overloaded will result in acute circulating porphyria. In addition, this product causes the release of iron ions in ferritin, which exacerbates the oxidation of cells, leading to acute periodic porphyria. It has been reported that this product and GABA may enter cells through a common carrier protein and thus have a neurotoxic effect in the pathogenesis of acute porphyria. It has been shown that the oxygen free radicals induced by this product can oxidize DNA, which may lead to the deterioration of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with acute periodic dementia. However, Mustajoki and other male healthy volunteers injected 50-80 mg / h for 92.5 h, and they had no symptoms, no changes in pulse, blood pressure, autonomic function and peripheral nerve conduction velocity, nor no photoallergies. It can be speculated that maintaining a high dose of this product in healthy volunteers does not cause symptoms similar to porphyria.

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