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Health Benefits of Myricetin
Jun 11, 2020

Myricetin is a kind of natural flavonol, which is found in many fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs.Reports indicate that myricetin has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties and may improve bone-health.


Myricetin has strong anticancer and antimutagenic properties, but it has been shown to promote mutagenesis with the use of the Ames Test. AlthoughMyricetin the anticancer property of myricetin has been attributed mainly to its antioxidant action, it has additional protective mechanisms.

Heart health

Myricetin and other flavonoids may improve health by prevening LDL oxidation and reducing the uptake of oxidized LDL by macrophages.


Controlling postprandial blood glucose is an effective means to prevent diabetes and its complications, while inhibiting intestinal digestive enzymes such as α-amylase and α-glucosidase activity Myricetinis a very effective way to reduce postprandial blood glucose.Currently, there are three drugs on the market that can be used as α-glucosidase inhibitors to control postpranational blood glucose. They are acarbose, voglibose and miglitazone. However, the production process of these drugs is complicated and they have relatively large side effects, which greatly limits their wide use.


The results showed that myricetin had a significant inhibitory effect on α-glucosidase activity, effectively controlled postprandial blood glucose level in diabetic patients, and its inhibitory activity was stronger than that of other active substances, such as quercetin and kaolin.The inhibition rate of myricetin to α-glucosidase activity was as high as 90.74%, which was much higher than acarbose.The inhibition of myricetin on α-glucosidase was reversible, which reflected that the natural products had less toxic and side effects in lowering blood glucose, so they would be safer to use.

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