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Ginseng Root Extract for Health Care
Apr 02, 2021

Basic Information of Ginseng Extract

Ginseng, the other name is Aralia Quinquefolia var. Ginseng (C. A. Mey.) Re, Panax Ginseng C. A. Mey.Ginseng extract is refined from the roots, stems and leaves of Panax ginseng, which contains up to 18 kinds of ginseng monomer saponins, which can be dissolved in water at 80°C and easily dissolved in ethanol.It has a great effect on human immune system, anti-tumor, anti-aging and reducing blood pressure.



Health Care Benefit of Ginseng Extract

The effect of lowering blood glucose can be comparable to that of hypoglycemic drugs

■ Reduce blood lipid and body weight

■ Protect the liver and kidney, and reduce fatty liver

■ Anti fatigue

■ Protect brain and Sharper cognitive function

■ Resist free radicals and enhance immunity

■ Radiation protection


Matters Need Attention

Ginseng plant extract mainly contains ginsenosides and their saponins, which are easily hydrolyzed by acids, enzymes and metal ions, and should not be used with western medicine with strong acidity such as vitamin C, niacin, glutamic acid, gastric enzyme mixture, dilute hydrochloric acid and western medicine such as potassium and magnesium aspartate, so as not to cause the breakdown of ginsenosides and reduce the efficacy.

If you need wholesale Ginseng Extract certified Kosher and Halal or for any inquiry or further information, welcome contact [email protected]would always provide you an all-in-one solution.


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