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GC Determination of Policosanol (Octacosanol)
Apr 15, 2019

I. Apparatus for Tests and Assays

GC Apparatus (from Shimadzu, Japan): GC-9A.CR-2AX Data Process Computer

Flame Ionization Detector (FID)

Column: Capillary column (30m×0.32mm)

Stationary Phase: Methyl polysiloxane

Reagent: Methylbenzene

II. Chromatograph Condition

Column Temperature: 200 ℃

Injection post and detector (FID) temperature: 280 respectively ℃

Column Pressure: 0.16~0.18MPa

Injection Volume: 1μl

Carrier Gas: Nitrogen

III. Procedure

Accurately weigh quantity 100mg sample into a 25ml volumetric flask, add 1.5 ml   Methylbenzene, then heat to dissolve completely.

Inject 1μl of the sample solution into GC Apparatus and test.

Ⅳ. Calculation

Area normalization method.

After correction,each chromatogram peak area get from the sample for 100% of the total,From the each sample peak area,can get the percentage content of each component.

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