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Function for Chlorogenic acid / Eucommia Ulmodies Extract
Jan 16, 2018

The bark and leaves of Eucommia ulmoidestend to possess both lignans and irioid glycosides as the active components, which of chlorogenic acid definition are likely what set this plant out from others. The other phenolics in the plants are quite general to most plants and not in remarkable quantities in this plant. The water extract of the leaves is a relatively potent antioxidant with an IC50 of 18.9+/-0.2μg/mL in a DPPH assay (albeit weaker than the reference drugs of vitamin c at 5.9+/-0.1μg/mL and vitamin e at 9.7+/-0.2μg/mL)The unique bioactive, geniposidic acid, does not appear to have significant

chlorogenic acid antioxidant properties and the total flavonoid content is 9.5-21.3mg/g of the leaves. chlorogenic acid solubility is of 25℃ water is about 4%, and the solubility in hot water is greater. Easily soluble in ethanol and acetone. Very slightly soluble in ethyl acetate.


Eucommia ulmoides extract could protect from memory dysfunction with higher range of intake (10-20mg/kg) chlorogenic acid benefits appears to be reliably antihypertensive. eucommia ulmoides chlorogenic acid cancer is able to reduce blood glucose and normalize oxidative parameters such as SOD and MDA. Longterm ingestion of chlorogenic acid and weight loss in rats appears to cause minor fat loss and is more potently an anti-obese agent eucommia ulmoides appears to reduce the rate of bone loss. Suggest a daily dose of around 3g of the Eucommia Ulmodies Extract leaf extract is 

effective for blood pressure and fat mass reduction. It may be prudent to use this in three daily doses of 1g, as the lone human study used thrice daily dosing.


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