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Fucoidan Efficacy——Improving Immunity
Jul 24, 2017

Fucoidan(Seaweed extract) can improve the immunity. The main characteristics of improving immunity are on increasing the weight of immune organs, promoting the immune cell proliferation and description and enhancing the immune cells activity. Etc.

1. Immune Response Information

The immune response (included the congenital immunity and adaptive immunity) is a process that the human immune system generate a series of actions for eliminating the exogenous material. The former one of congenital immunity is inherent, Many cells (such as the macrophage, dendritic cell, granulocyte, NK cell and so on.) as immune cells, lack of memory property; The latter one of adaptive immunity(divided into the humoral immunity and cellular immunity) have a complex process, the T cell and B cell join the activity.


When exogenous substances (such as bacteria, allergens, also known as antigens) enters human body. The congenital 

immune starts with the effect firstly, the process including: NK cells exterminate antigen directly. Macrophages facilitate 

antigen surface exposed for receptor recognition by phagocytosis , etc.Then It will enter the acquired immune stage. 

At this stage, there are two kinds of immune pathway: Cellular immunity and humoral immunity. Cellular immunity is a process

of proliferation differentiation killing germs after lymphatic T cell  of human body is stimulated  by antigen .It is mainly against

for fungal infected cells and tumor cells, etc.; Humoral immunity means: After lymphatic B cell contact with processed antigen,

it will be proliferation differentiation and release targeted antibodies.Then antibody will be specific binding antigen and 

elimination it. Acquired immune has memory. It will make the body avoid  the same disease the second time. 

2. Fucoidan——Improving the Immunity

The fucoidan have the stimulate function on congenital immunity and adaptive immunity. In the process of congenital immunity, fucoidan can make the macrophage to enhance the antigenic ability and reinforce the cell lethality of NK cell; In the process of adaptive immunity, fucoidan can let the T cell kill antigen in the cell immune system, and promote the antibody of humoral immunity to form and release. In addition, fucoidan have more positive functions on promoting the immune organs growth, immune cell proliferation, Protecting the immune cell and controlling the immune cell apoptosis.

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