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Fucoidan Efficacy——Anti-Cancer Mechanism
Jul 22, 2017

Fucoidan can reach to the anti-cancer efficacy by 2 methods of controlling the cancer cell growth and inducing cancer cells apoptosis.

1. Cancer Basic Information

Cancer is a joint name of malignant tumor. It includes the tumor(affect the skin, mucosa, gland and other organs), Leukemia, Sarcoma(affect the muscle, connective tissue and bone) and Lymphoma. Etc.

Under the normal condition, Protooncogene is existed in the cells and related with the cancer. These protooncogenes are necessary to the life activity, which affects the individual development, cell proliferation, tissue regeneration. When these protooncogenes is affected by the outside world, it will become the cancer gene and cause the cell canceration. Cancer cells divorced from the metabolism track and owned the some features, such as the infinite multiplication, A lack of mechanism of apoptosis, easy transfer, etc. The cell cancer will destroy the humans’ tissue and organ fast and cause a person death finally.

Cell apoptosis means the cells of balancing the body is dying one by one. Same with the cell multiplication, the cell apoptosis is the life normal condition, either. The cell apoptosis involves a series of genes activation, explanation and adjustment. But the cell apoptosis is not the auto-damage under the pathology condition, the cell apoptosis is the natural death process for fitting the living environment perfectly.

2. Fucoidan——Anti-Cancer Mechanism

A case study of human breast cancer MCF-7 cell, The technician use the different concentration of fucoidan solution to cultivate in 48 hours. The results show that the fucoidan can improve the cancer cell multiplication obviously. with the higher of fucoidan concentration, the inhibitory effect will be better. In the meanwhile, The below data proves that the fucoidan have the good function on inducing of cancer cells apoptosis. The cells apoptosis is the process of auto-subduction under the polygenic control, the mechanism of induction cell apoptosis of Fucoidan is that balance the apoptosis inhibitor gene “bcl-2” and apoptosis gene promotion of “bax”. The mechanism will make the cells develop in a direction of death.


Fucoidan have the efficacy on suppress proliferation and apoptosis promotion of cancer cells, but the mechanisms are different.

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