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Formononetin——Used In Agricultural Field
Apr 06, 2018

Formononetin is a phytochemical that is known as a flavonoid. It belongs to the subgroup of flavonoids, known as isoflavones. It is a phytoestrogen from the root of Astragalus membranaceus, is used as a blood enhancer and to improve blood microcirculation in complementary and alternative medicine. It is a kind of off-white powders, with Molecular Formula: C16H12O4, and Molecular Weight :268.27. The CAS Registry Number of formononetin uses is 485-72-3.


Formononetin is found in a number of plants and herbs like the red clover, Formononetin red clover can also be found in Maackia amurensis cell cultures. Along with other phytoestrogens, formononetin red clover predominantly occurs in leguminous plants and Fabaceae, particularly in beans, such as green beans, lima beans, soy and many others, as the free aglycone or in form of its glucoside ononin.



The formononetin, has been reported to enhance AMF sporulation and effectivity of mycorrhizal plants, this could allow forlower, more cost-effective levels of AMF inoculum to beincorporated or to rely solely on stimulating indigeno us AMF present in the soil of the cropproduction site. formononetin hplc is highly desirab le and more economi cally viable to utilize native rather than exotic AMF in sustainable agricul ture systems.


Since the potato originated from the highlands of Peru and Bolivia—a goal of this research was to utilize indigeno us Peruvian AMF populations to enhance crop productivity in a subsistence production site. The fieldstudy was also conducted to test the effectiveness of formononetin, to stimulate native mycorrhizal activity and subsequent yield of six Ande an pot to cultivars.


Formononetin biosynthesis can also be very costly to apply sufficient levels of AMF to subsi stence level potato production systems.One of the strengths of this paper is that it shows potential benefits of applying formononetin to stimulate the effectivity of native, ecotypically adapted AM F atlower inoculum levels under field produc tion conditions.


Formononetin(CAS NO:485-72-3) used in combination, could also allow for lower, more cost-effective levels of indigeno us AMFinoculum to beutilized. Hence, there are excellent opport unities to utilize and manipulate AMF to enhance crop productivity and reduce agricultural chemical inputs.


Formononetin uses is also important in the interaction of fungi that help plants survive. There are fungi known as mycorrhizae that live in the soil and have a symbiotic association with specific plant roots. They provide nutrients to the plants and help with water uptake, and the plants provide them with carbon. In some cases, these fungi help protect the plants against pathogenic organisms. Formononetin stimulates the spores of some types of mycorrhizal fungi to germinate.

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