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Extraction & Stability Test of Spirulina Phycocyanin
Sep 16, 2019

The wall of spiruline cells is broken by potassium chloride lysozyme method, salt analysis, extraction of algae C-Phycocyanin, and adapted to the preparation of large amounts of algae cyanoprotein. 

Phycocyanin Extraction rate is about 13%, Blue Spirulina extract powder is below 40 degrees C and pH4 . 0 to 8 . 5 between the performance of stability, 45 degrees C above the phenomenon of discoloration, fluorescence weakened, sugar solution can improve the stability of Blue majik powder on heat, light on Phycocyanin powder effect is less. Nacl, sodium benzoate, citric acid and other food additives have little effect on their stability.

Temperature effect to Phycocyanin

Sheet 1  Temperature Effect on Phycocyanin

PH Value Effect on Phycocyanin

Sheet 2 PH Value Effect on Phycocyanin

Light Effect on Phycocyanin

Sheet 3 Light Effect on Phycocyanin

Sugar Effect on Phycocyanin

Sheet 4 Sugar Effect on Phycocyanin

NaCl Effect on Phycocyanin

Sheet 5 NaCl Effect on Phycocyanin

Long-term preservation of Phycocyanin is suitable for dry powder and is stored in low-light, low-humid environments below 60 degrees C.

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