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Extraction method of Chlorella Growth Factor
Dec 06, 2019

CGF(Chlorella growth factor) is a high nutritionally valuable active substance extracted from fresh, high-quality chlorella cells after multiple separations and extractions, and is a unique active ingredient in chlorella, which promotes the division and reproduction of chlorella cells and stimulates growth, which makes no animal or plant in the world grow four times every 20h like chlorella.

The extraction methods of chlorella growth factor benefits include high-pressure hot water extraction method and ultrasonic water extraction, enzyme solution.

CGF samples prepared by different methods (Table 1) were compared by the value-added of Ana-1 and Raw 264.7 cells, the ability of in vitro cell neutral red phagocytosis, the ability to remove OH-in vitro, the determination of reductive power, and the yield, and found that the yield of high-pressure hot water extraction was lower than that of enzyme solution. However, the difference is not significant, and this preparation method can significantly promote the value added of Ana-1, Raw264.7 cells, enhance the neutral red phagocytosis of Ana-1 cells, in vitro removal oh-of-the ability is significantly better than the other two, but the reduction of the three samples is not much different.

Chlorella growth factor CGF

High-pressure hot water extraction method is simple to operate, effective and economical and practical, and is considered to be the best way to extract CGF. But the same high-pressure hot water extraction method, different teams in the extraction of the conditions are not the same, such as the processing of raw materials, temperature and time.

Chlorella growth factor

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