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Emodin VS Aloe Emodin
Jan 06, 2022

EmodinVS Aloe Emodin

Product Name EmodinAloe Emodin
AliasCinnabarin AAloe diarrhea, aloe emodin, ALOEEMODIN, aloe emodin (standard product)
Chemical FormulaC15H10O5C15H10O5
Molecular Weight270.24270.2369
Melting Point255 °C (dec.)(lit.)223 to 244 °C
Boiling Point586.9±39.0 °C at 760 mmHg568.8℃ at 760 mmHg
AppearanceOrange needle-like crystalsOrange-red crystal
Flash Point322.8±23.6 °C311.9 ℃

Aloe-emodin vs emodin

Emodin Benefits:

1. Anti-tumor activity

Inhibit the biosynthesis of DNA, RNA, and protein of cancer cells, and inhibit the oxidative dehydrogenation of cancer cells.

2. Anti-microbial growth effect

The antibacterial mechanism of emodin is related to the inhibition of electron transmission in the mitochondrial respiratory chain, and the inhibition of respiration, and the oxidation and dehydrogenation of intermediate products of amino acid, sugar, and protein metabolism. The final result of inhibiting nucleic acid and protein synthesis inhibits bacterial growth.

3. Immunosuppressive effect

4. Antispasmodic and antitussive effect

Emodin has a strong inhibitory effect on the spasm of the isolated rat intestine caused by acetylcholine, which is about 4 times that of papaverine. Emodin also has an obvious antitussive effect.

5. Effect on the cardiovascular system

Emodin has an excitatory effect on the isolated toad heart in a small dose, while a large dose has an inhibitory effect. Emodin also lowers blood pressure.

6. Diuretic effect

Emodin can increase the sodium and potassium content in urine, promote ureteral peristalsis, and increase urine output.

7. Effect on histamine

Gavage of emodin at a dose of 10μg/kg to experimental intestinal obstruction rats can restore the histamine content of the intestinal mucosa of rats to normal levels but has no effect on the blood histamine content.

8. Synthetic effect on LTB4

Emodin is an inhibitor of 5-lipoxygenase, which can inhibit the synthesis of human multinucleated leukocytes LTB4 and LTB4 in whole blood, and has no inhibitory effect on the synthesis of PGE2.

9. Digestive effect

Emodin can inhibit the transport of sodium and potassium ions from the intestinal lumen to the cells, so that water stays in the intestinal lumen, stimulates the large intestine, promotes its peristalsis, and has a diarrhea effect, but the effect is weak.

Aloe Emodin Benefits:

1. Description of anti-tumor activity

One of its mechanisms of action is to inhibit the biosynthesis of DNA, RNA, and protein in cancer cells.

2. Antibacterial activity

One of its mechanisms of action is to inhibit electron transport in the mitochondrial respiratory chain.

Aloe-emodin has a strong inhibitory effect on the nucleic acid and protein synthesis of Staphylococcus aureus. Aloe-emodin has a strong inhibitory effect on common clinical anaerobic bacteria. Among them, it can inhibit the growth of common fragile strains by 90% to 100%, and its MIC is slightly higher than metronidazole. At a concentration of 8μg/ml, 76%~91% of anaerobic bacteria can be inhibited.

3. Immunosuppressive effect

Aloe-emodin can inhibit the production of biological antibodies, inhibit the ability of carbon particle clearance, reduce the weight of immune organs, reduce the number of white blood cells, and reduce the function of peritoneal macrophages. In vitro, the concentration of 100μg/ml has a significant inhibitory effect on [3H]-TDR and [3H]Urd incorporation into lymphocytes.

4. Digestive effect

Aloe-emodin has a strong laxative activity. Intestinal bacteria metabolize aloe-emodin, rhein, rhein anthrone, the latter has a strong laxative effect. Clinically used as a laxative, it has the effect of increasing appetite and laxative effects on the large intestine.

5. Other functions

It has the effect of making hair soft and shiny, relaxing and refreshing, and removing dandruff.

In the mutagenicity test of hamster fibroblasts, this product has a genotoxic effect.

It can protect the teak from termites.

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