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Effects of Lutein​ on the Eyes
May 29, 2020

1. Filter blue light and antioxidant:Lutein is a major component of macular pigment in human eyes.Blue light has the highest energy among all visible light that can reach the retina and has the strongest damage


effect on macular area, while lutein can filter blue light.High energy blue light can also induce free radicals to damage optic nerve cells, while lutein can quench singlet oxygen and capture reactive oxygen radicals, playing an antioxidant role.


2. Prevention of cataracts: The Harvard Medical School tracked the diets of 700,000 people (ages 45 to 71) and found that people with high intakes of lutein and zeaxanthin had a lower risk of developing cataracts than the general population.


3. Studies have shown that regular consumption of foods rich in carotenoids, especially lutein, and increased dietary lutein intake can increase blood lutein levels and reduce age-related macular degeneration.   


At the same time, adequate dietary intake of lutein can reduce the damage of blue light to retinal light-sensing cells, and effectively prevent


the damage of computer or TV display rays to human eye macula.Lutein accumulates in the retina and increases macular color.The results of retinal density measurement by scintillation photometry showed that eating lutein rich in food or purified lutein could significantly increase macular pigment .

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