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Efects of Chlorella Growth Factor on Physiological Function
Dec 03, 2019

There are no other plants in the world that can grow fourfold per 20h like small ball algae, which is determined mainly by the Chlorella growth factor.

Chlorella growth factor. (CGF), also known as small ball algal essence, is a fine cell living substance, including amino acids, nucleic acids, polysaccharides, peptides, egg white matter, enzymes, life-savings, mineral quality, "mystery into fractions", known as "Hohermon". 

Foreign countries have more research on their biological function, its biological function can have: can stimulate the living blood cells, strengthen the body's ability to be disease-free;  Wounded group weaving repair, there are machines, heavy gold, such as poisoning of people after the use of can quickly recover;

Chlorella growth factor

Can be pre-seen CGF in food, beverage, health care, medicine and other areas have a broad outlook. The internal research on the growth and activity of CGF on yeast and lactic acid bacteria has not been reported in the systematic study of CGF's achievement, physiological activity, toxicology, etc.

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