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Dihydromyricetin Vine tea extract Pharmacological Effects——2
Feb 01, 2020

5 Enhance and regulate immune effect

Vine tea is rich in flavonoids, immune liver damage has a protective effect, reduce the oxidation of free radicals may be one of its mechanisms, can significantly reduce blood coagulation inhibition of HI antibody effect, significantly enhance the role of immune function, in immunotoxicology evaluation is safe.

6 Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects

The vine tea and its active ingredients are selected for antibacterial and antiviral screening, It was found that its active ingredients are ampelopsin and dihydromyricetin and other flavonoids, the minimum antibacterial and sterilization concentration equivalent to the same amount of flavin, in the appropriate dose range of vine tea extract did not see significant long-term toxicity.

The total flavonoids of vine tea have better anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. The anti-inflammatory effect of high-dose total flavonoids was significant, the inhibition effect of low and medium-dose groups was not obvious, and the total flavonoids of vine tea had antibacterial effect on 5 kinds of test bacteria, and the effect of inhibiting Shigella was the most significant, and the effect of inhibiting E. coli was the least significant. Vine tea extract has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, while vine tea alcohol extract is weak, vine tea extract has a potential anti-inflammatory effect, and its anti-inflammatory effect may be closely related to prostatin E2 in tissues.

7 Anti-thrombosis

The total flavonoids, dihydromyricetin and myricetin. dihydromyricetin and myricetin may be the main active ingredients in the anti-thrombosis effect, And myricetin's anti-thrombosis effect is slightly stronger than dihydromyricetin.

8 Other effects

Vine tea can prevent sensitive cells from contracting HIV(HIV-1), significantly reduce the expression of HIV-1P24 antigen, interfere with HIV-1SF33 adsorption to MT-4 cells; Vine tea drinking agent, has to slow down the rate of joint damage in patients with mild moderate rheumatism, reduce the effect of the emergency cycle.

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