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Dihydromyricetin Cancer
Dec 20, 2021

Dihydromyricetin is a new flavonoid compound developed in my country in recent years. Studies have shown that dihydromyricetin can induce tumor cells AGZY. 83-a Apoptosis plays an anti-tumor effect. Studying the anti-tumor effect of the flavonoid dihydromyricetin in HeLa cells through the induction of apoptosis can not only provide new ideas for the treatment of cervical cancer but also further clarify the mechanism of dihydromyricetin's anti-tumor effect. Myricetin provides experimental data in the development and utilization of anti-tumor and tumor sensitization drugs.

The M1Tr experiment showed that dihydromyricetin had an anti-proliferative effect on HeLa cells in vitro, and the effect became more pronounced as the drug concentration increased. Induction of cell apoptosis is one of the important mechanisms for drugs to exert anti-tumor effects. Therefore, the experiment further tested the apoptosis-inducing effect of dihydromyricetin on HeLa cells by flow cytometry. The results are consistent with M1Tr, and with the increase of drug concentration The apoptosis rate of HeLa cells also increased significantly.

Dihydromyricetin has an anti-tumor effect on jaw cancer HeLa cells, and its mechanism may be related to the activation of the apoptosis pathway involved in regulation by Bcl-2/Bax. Dihydromyricetin can not only inhibit the proliferation of breast cancer and other tumor cells in vitro. It can also significantly inhibit the GI of human lung cancer under living conditions. Growth of C82 nude mice transplanted tumors and Bel-7402 liver cancer transplanted tumors in nude mice. Dihydromyricetin can significantly inhibit the invasion and adhesion of melanoma cells B16 without producing toxins, and its inhibitory effect on the melanoma is equivalent to that of dacarbazine, the current clinical anti-melanoma drug of choice.

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dihydromyricetin cancer

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