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Dihydromyricetin——Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage
Oct 11, 2017

Dihydromyricetin Benefits

While it is not considered a “cure” for dangerous alcohol blood toxicity, Dihydromyricetin may reduce many of the behaviors associated with heavy drinking. These might include confusion, slurred speech, and motor impairment such as difficulty balancing.

A dihydromyricetin dose of the supplement can cut these symptoms dramatically. It has also been suggested that DHM can reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of hangover on the day following heavy drinking. It is often paired with L-Cysteine and Milk Thistle extract for this purpose.

Instead of the typical headache, difficulty concentrating, and lack of motivation standard to hangovers, users find that they have strong mental energy and the ability to concentrate.

While these effects are in line with the mental energy effects of dopaminergic supplements, no hard scientific connection has been made between dopamine and the more experimental Dihydromyricetin. No studies have been done on DHM’s long term neuro protective benefits.

Dihydromyricetin Dosage

The typical commercial dose of Dihydromyricetin is 300 mg per capsule. It is suggested to take 1 – 2 capsules for a total of 600 mg, to counteract the effects of up to 6 servings of hard liquor. This dosage can produce sobering effects if taken immediately after drinking. Most people take a dosage to prevent the following day’s hangover.

DHM does not make it safe to drive or operate machinery while drinking. It would also have no impact upon blood alcohol testing conducted by law enforcement. It should never be taken for these purposes.

Dihydromyricetin Side Effects

Dihydromyricetin The use of this plant-based remedy to prevent hangover and protect the liver has been largely side effect free for more than centuries of use in Chinese medicine. Dihydromyricetin is considered non-toxic and organic.

The main negative dihydromyricein side effects discussed with this medication is the possibility of over-drinking or drunk driving, as users may be unaware of how intoxicated they actually are.

This is an extremely dangerous possibility, so responsible use of the drug is essential. Designated drivers should be alerted that the drug is in use, in order to help judge when enough alcohol has been consumed for an evening.

In addition to DHM, there are several natural nootropic remedies and smart drugs on the market which boost mental concentration naturally, especially as relates to hangovers. The vitamin B6 derivative known as Pyritinol is noted to promote mental focus in the wake of dopamine depletion due to drinking. The class of supplements known as cognitive metabolic enhancers all work to “rev up” sluggish brain function safely under these conditions.

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