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Determination Method of Matrine Content
Oct 13, 2017

[Content determination]

According to high performance liquid chromatography (Appendix Ⅵ D) determination

1. High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Using amino-bonded silica gel is used as filler,

Using acetonitrile-anhydrous ethanol -3% phosphoric acid solution (80:10:10) as mobile phase,

The detection wavelength is 220nm.

The number of theoretical plates should not be less than 2000 in terms of matrine peak


2. Preparation of the reference solution

Take the amount of matrine reference substance, accurately weighed, plus acetonitrile - anhydrous ethanol (80:20) mixed solution made of the solution per 1ml containing Matrine 0.1mg .


3. Preparation of Test Solution

Take this product 25mg, accurately weighed, set 100ml volumetric flask, with acetonitrile - anhydrous ethanol (80:20) mixed solution dissolved and diluted to the mark, shake well.


4. Determination Method

Respectively, the precise reference to the reference solution with the test solution 20ul, into the liquid chromatograph, record the chromatogram. According to the external standard method to calculate the content (the difference between the two parallel measurement results should not be greater than 0.3%, whichever is the arithmetic average as the determination of the results).

Matrine content% = CR*Ax*100%/AR*Cx

CR as the reference substance concentration of matrine

Ax as the peak area of matrine in the sample

AR as the reference substance matrine peak area

Cx as the concentration of the sample

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